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Lynne Scanlon

Overcoming Jet Lag, now published as The Cure for Jet Lag by Lynne Waller Scanlon and Charles F. Ehret, Ph.D., was rewritten, reformatted and republished in October, 2008 as Back2Press Books' first nonfiction book. The Cure for Jet Lag was selected as the centerpiece around which to build the Back2Press imprint because The Cure for Jet Lag represented exactly the kind of book Back2Press Books was looking for—a book published by a traditional publisher, Berkley Publishing Group, years ago; a book that sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the United States and abroad, but also a book with a still-unrealized potential for global sales in excess 20 million copies.

We knew that millions and millions of international travelers must be continuing to suffer from jet lag because they were totally unaware that Dr. Charles F. Ehret's government-sponsored research for preventing jet lag, let alone a simple book describing the cure for jet lag, ever existed. And we noticed that the old, out-dated and out-of-print edition was being sold via word-of-mouth on the Internet for up to $200 per copy. We got the message loud
and clear!

Is there a market out there for this book?

You bet.

Are we going to tap into that market?
You bet.

Back2Press Books is all about finding previously published books with enormous potential—and marketing the daylights out of them

Two other formerly "hot,"—no, "very hot"—books are already in the pipeline as well.

An Open Invitation to Publishers and Authors

Tell Back2Press Books about your formerly "hot," now cold, books. If your book sold 100,000 copies and then fizzled before you could save enough money from your bonus or royalties to buy that new Lexus, fire off an email to Back2Press Books. We may just be as interested in talking with you as you are with us.